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Living in a rural area like Lewis County there are many elements that dirty carpets. kids, pets, wet weather and life, in general, can wreak havoc on floors. When faced with dirty carpets there are two choices, do-it-yourself and spend hours laboring with back-breaking work or let the professionals handle it. An easy call to the pros at GT Carpet Cleaning will have your carpets and upholstery sparkling without any hassle.

With 15 years of experience and living in Lewis County all his life, owner Greg Mitchell knows the unique aspects that people face when dealing with carpet in their homes and offices. Serving Lewis, Thurston, Cowlitz and Columbia Counties, for an affordable quality carpet cleaning, GT Carpet Cleaning has the skills to do the job correctly and the trustworthiness to be in your home.

With his years of experience and his family’s support, Greg wanted to work for himself so in February he started GT Carpet Cleaning as a family business. His wife Tracy is the General Manager and his soon to be son-in-law Gabe Rowland helps out too.

Initially, all services start with a pre-inspection of the areas to be cleaned. For customers who request it, GT Carpet Cleaning offers free estimates too. “If you want an estimate, we will come out and write it out where you can see the bill before we get started,” says Greg.

It’s a simple $75 minimum for an initial living room cleaning, GT Carpet Cleaning offers rates by the room rather than square footage. With transparency at the forefront of their business, the company is upfront about costs beforehand.

There’s no pressure from the get-go. “We don’t sell anything,” says Greg. “A lot of carpet cleaners are salespeople. I give customers a price list that is like a menu that way we are transparent. If they want something else, they can look it over and purchase what they need.”

With a satisfaction guarantee, GT Carpet Cleaning does a post-inspection at each carpet cleaning. “If they don’t like it, we will do what it takes to make them happy,” says Greg. “Customers know if they have any issues, we will make it right.”

That means if later there is a problem, GT Carpet Cleaning will return to fix the issue. “If a spot comes back or an area isn’t looking as bright and shiny as the rest of the carpet, we will come back,” Tracy says.

Those customer-first values are what sets Greg and his crew apart. It starts before the team even sets foot in your house with the utmost care and professionalism.  “I believe in showing up on time, pulling up into your driveway – we won’t leave oil spots, things like that showing thoughtfulness,” he says. “We appreciate our customers, not just because we want their business or money, but we want to leave a positive impression with them.”

Through his own continuing education, Greg studies to know what is best for carpet in the long run. “Carpet care is always evolving,” he says. “I enjoy learning about new methods and products as new things are developed.”

Greg also believes in sharing his carpet care knowledge with his customers. “I really believe in educating customers,” he says. “It’s really helpful for the customer to share information on what to do and not do in caring for carpet.  Even if they are not my customers, they can call and I will answer their questions.”

There really isn’t anything better for the appearance of a home’s cleanliness then sparkling clean carpets. “We make a world of difference,” says Greg. “We don’t just get the top section of the carpet that is soiled.” Cleaning carpets takes someone skilled to know how to not only make it look clean but also smell clean. “It’s about taking your time and doing it right,” says Tracy.

GT Carpet Cleaning offers more than just clean carpets. They also clean area rugs and curtains. They even offer upholstery cleaning which requires special care. “You must do a really good inspection on furniture to know what the best method is,” Greg says.

Beyond residential services, GT Carpet Cleaning also offers commercial cleaning of carpets based on square footage. The same easy $75 minimum still applies for businesses. There are also property management services available for carpet cleaning with discounts offered of 10% for up to nine units per month, 20% off for 10-14 units per month and 35% off for 15 or more units per month.

For residential customers, GT Carpet Cleanings gives a 10% discount for seniors and veterans that is redeemable with other specials. “That is standing all the time with our company not just certain dates,” says Greg.  “We care about our community and seniors are often on a limited income and almost everybody has veterans in their family.”

Follow the GT Carpet Cleaning Facebook page for other specials throughout the year. There are often different seasonal and monthly deals for expecting families, first responders, back-to-school or holidays exclusively found there.

For a trustworthy carpet cleaning service where customers will get their money’s worth, call GT Carpet Cleaning. “We are all about pride, integrity and transparency,” says Greg. “Once you use our company, you are not going to want to use anyone else. It’s just a matter of getting to know us.”

Written by: Lewis Talk

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